Why Yoga

Culturally Responsive and Trauma Informed Practices Benefits All Participants

Disability Awareness

The problem in the disability community (seen and unseen disabilities) is that it continues to be isolated from the quality and meaningful mental health providers and community connections alongside a multitude of health disparities that include lack of transportation, financial instability, discrimination, etc., heightened for the Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (QTBIPOC) disabled communities.

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Most marginalized communities have higher rates and layers of trauma and much higher rates of complex trauma than their counterparts, which cultivates the need for increased self-regulation to reduce physical health and mental health issues.

Why Yoga?

The word Yoga has been described as meaning “unity”, “oneness” ,or “to yoke” and is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to join.” We can understand yoga to be the union of our breath, our body and our mind. Or we can understand yoga to be the connection of our individual consciousness to the vast universal consciousness. We can also view yoga as a path to find the truth about the connected nature of humanity- we are more similar than we are different and our individual actions impact all of humanity like a ripple of water across a pond.
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From a spiritual standpoint, Yoga is a philosophy connected to the Hindu and Buddhist practice of obtaining enlightenment in order to move beyond the cycles of karma which tether us to life on Earth, separated from the Divine Source. Yoga is about Freedom.

No matter which perspective a practitioner takes, Yoga is always an indigenous practice at its core, founded on the philosophy of how a human should conduct their life. Yoga is NOT a workout.

Why GBH?

Yoga and meditation have been scientifically linked to improvements in physical health, to an increased ability to cope with illness, increased mental health balance, better ability to cope with stress, and increased feelings of wellbeing and overall health. There are studies that provide a correlation between yoga and improved cardiac health, better joint health and decreased inflammation, better sleep, improved immune function, and relief from many types of pain.

Radical Awareness

GBH is highly sensitive to the needs and experiences of everybody that rolls through our door. Our staff are trained in communication, skilled guidance, and understanding that no two people are the same. We have a commitment to ethics and transparency in our offerings.


We honor the teacher in all things. Through our dedication to awareness we are constantly learning from our students. This open hearted partnership makes GBH a more compassionate community.

Empowerment Through Choice

GBH programming is trauma informed with an emphasis on language and guidance that supports choice and exploration. Guided accessible movement is offered at a pace that allows students to maintain balance with safer transitions throughout class.

All Abilities Yoga

This class is geared toward students experiencing neurodiversity. These classes aim for students to have both integrated and inclusive opportunities in the wellness community for equal access. Mindfulness activities are included in the All Abilities Yoga, which supports the students to build rapport, gain perspective, increase social relations, and increase techniques to slow down and bring more self-awareness to the present moment. This practice must have discussion-focused activities before breathing to decrease any traumatic responses.


Body Awareness

Sensory Activities

Yoga for everyBODY

This class allows all experiences and abilities to practice together in a supportive, inclusive community.

Seated and Accessible Yoga poses

Movement is also an essential practice for physical fitness to increase fine and gross motor skills, strengthen and lengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and move stagnant emotions and energies out of our bodies. Every pose we offer is with choice and options to assist in safe, confident-building practice and is inclusive to all body types and abilities.

Yoga for Amputees

This adaptive Yoga class is for amputees who want to learn how they can benefit from yoga- to quiet the mind, empower themselves with a renewed sense of purpose, gain back their independence and be a part of a community. We will work on strengthening the body and the mind to feel at home within oneself: body, mind, and spirit. Based on Marsha Danzig’s 40+ years of work and teaching, we are honored to offer this class to our community.

Yoga for the Special Child

Classes are gentle and therapeutic. They are safe for babies and children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Autism, and other developmental disabilities, as well as for children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities. These classes are intended for children 0 to 12 years of age and/or Developmental Age.



Success Stories

We are proud to share the impact that a few of our community members have shared with us here.

Mindful Grieving Program

GBH and the Mindful Grieving program has been quintessential to my healing journey, since the loss of my Father in late 2020. I would not be where I am today without the patience and guidance of Rachel, GBH facilitator. I absolutely loved this group, this experience and all the conversations we had and the human connections we built – so much so, I completed the program twice. Rachel: thank you for teaching me how important and vital, challenge AND deep, heart centered connection is in grief, showing me how to cry and the bittersweet beauty that is life and loss. Namaste.
-Anonymous Mindful Grieving Participant.

Adaptive Yoga


The Passion of yoga class in my life is like a rainbow in the sky with
Stars above feelings of joy and happiness that brightening my Day
At The Yoga Class Studio with each person I meet. I am like a beautiful person inside my heart each day that go by is new day with sunshine on nice day of adventure in the park with kindness as your strength self control is the key in out lives try something new and go for it don’t be afraid meet someone and smile always your dreams come true with that special person in your life Pretty Flowers that rain like rain showers of Spring and Summer.

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My days and night are feel of passion of stars in the sky that shine so brightly of the sun of shiny stars above in the sky Eyes are natural of the light that shines at night above the moon. The Beauty I share is a very magical place to be with now friends in different places of the world. The Spring air like the wind of Heart And Soul Love is in the air with passion you see with that star above is like quiet sounds of the ocean of passion in your heart, feel the joy in your heart and lat show your love with someone you want to be with. Beautiful sounds are like the mountains of the summer breeze. Listen to your heart and always be truthful to who you are and be nice to other people. Like the beautiful sunshine of showers that open up your mind to nice people. Always open up your future ideas with someone you meet in class or at special event day or tomorrow Passion soft music that you can see in your eyes. Yoga has opened up my heart with good friends in class. I am here for someone to share my ideas with. Thank you Kathleen and Mary Sims & The Yoga Staff! By Cecil M Brown POEM BY CECIL M BROWN

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“I like the yoga class because I feel like we can actually do it. Most classes are not adaptive, they show different ways of doing the same but a little different for all bodies.”

Jen-N. Metro, Direct Support Professional

Denver, Colorado

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