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GBH is able to offer inclusive and welcoming services thanks to support from people and companies in our community, like you! We rely on your generous donations to run our programs and create opportunities for those who want to grow stronger.


$15,000 Supports one Peer to Peer cohort of 5 individuals experiencing Intellectual and/or De- velopmental Disabilities to discover their excellence, self-advocacy, and share their voice in community.

$500 Supports our In Person Community Support Group for caregivers, leadership/staff teams with a mindful facilitated discussion on stress, compassion fatigue, etc. for a 4 week series.

$500 Supports our Virtual Community Support Group for caregivers, leadership/staff teams with a mindful facilitated discussion on stress, compassion fatigue, etc. for a 4 week series.

$1,000 Supports a Smoothie Bus Event up to 100 smoothies in your neighborhood or event center.

$2,600 Pays for UNLIMITED Classes and special events for one student for one year

$1,000 Supports our Six Week Grief Community Support Group series



We are proud to share the impact that a few of our community members have shared with us here.


Yoga Helps Man With
Cerebral Palsy Excel In
His Job At DIA


GBH and the Mindful Grieving program has been quintessential to my healing journey, since the loss of my Father in late 2020. I would not be where I am today without the patience and guidance of Rachel, GBH facilitator. I absolutely loved this group, this experience and all the conversations we had and the human connections we built – so much so, I completed the program twice. Rachel: thank you for teaching me how important and vital, challenge AND deep, heart centered connection is in grief, showing me how to cry and the bittersweet beauty that is life and loss. Namaste.

-Anonymous Mindful Grieving Participant.


For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Tommy Hinojos.

I was going to talk to you about my testimonial. But, instead I want to talk to you about something in my life that recently happened. First off I wanted to tell you that I have been practicing yoga for about 13-14 years, and teaching yoga for about 8 years. But, I feel that I want to talk to you about something that is more important to me that recently happened.

I want you to remember the word community, that word community is key in how I feel.

Back in Sept of last year I came down with a severe case of COVID, I spent a whole month in the hospital and was basically on my deathbed. Rachel Kaplan has been teaching me for several years now. She always pushed the word community, she always said that GBH is like family, its community. When I was in the hospital, basically on my deathbed. 

Those words kept entering in my head, I told myself I had to get back to the community. The hospital was very short staffed, there was things that they were supposed to provide with good care, they did not, good therapist, they did not. Because of my years in yoga, I would start doing my breathing techniques at the hospital and make small movements in my hospital bed to try to get the body moving, to try to get the liquids in my body moving.

Basically the nurses that come in and check my vitals and I was getting worse and worse. Finally I told myself that I needed to get a lot better. I would text Rachel and ask her to pray for me. Rachel reached out to my family and kept in communication with me the whole time that I was in the hospital and when I got out. There were times when I texted Mary because I was scared for my life. And, with yoga breathing exercises, small movements, I slowly started to do better. The nurse would come in to check my vitals. I would give them a fist bump and say you are on team Tommy. Oxygen levels down to zero, which was great and I got released.

Now it was about a month later that I was able to go back into class at Guided By Humanity. I’m still not 100% but because of this strong community and what they provided for me and the yoga classes they provide. I don’t think I would be where I’m at if it wasn’t for these classes and community that Guided By Humanity has provided.

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