GBH offers a broad range of yoga and mindfulness programming.


GBH serves a diverse community, including those that experience many dual diagnosis such as:

  • Intellectual disabilities /variety of cognitive function / down syndrome
  • Developmental disabilities /autism / cerebral palsy / spina bifida
  • Physical disabilities wheelchair users/ limb differences / MS
  • Deaf
  • Blind
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord injuries


In Studio & Virtual Classes & Support Groups

Our virtual and in-studio classes offer practices that activate the parasympathetic nervous system with slow breathing activities and mindful movements, connection with oneself, increasing social connections, lowering blood pressure, building resiliency, cultivating empathy for healthy relationships, and growing confidence to become empowered. We live in a culture where loving and accepting ourselves is a difficult task that can be lifelong. Yoga can positively support this journey by connecting with our bodies and making the process of loving ourselves just a little bit easier. Check out our class schedule for a variety of class offerings, workshops, Community Support groups and Mindful Grief Support.

How often is this program held
and for how long?

45-90 minutes in length, dependent on offering

Who is the program for?


Mindfulness Retreats

This a full day Mindfulness Retreat offered for students with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities.Throughout the Mindfulness Retreats we  explore nature, mindfulness activities (such as nature mandala making, sensory activities, art projects, etc.), mindful movement practices while offering healthy lunches and scheduled mindful snack breaks.

Our onsite staff includes Certified Nursing Assistants, Behavior Analysts and qualified Adaptive and All Abilities Yoga Teachers.

How often is this retreat held
and for how long?

Seasonal full day retreat

Who are the retreats for?

For those that are independent in navigating the community with a minimal need for support.

Peer to Peer

All Abilities training is specifically designed to be accessible for those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. This training will be facilitated by GBH Instructors, veteran students w/IDD and overseen by an Advisory Council made up of established disability activists and adaptive yoga teachers. The peer-to-peer apprenticeship training will draw from evidence-based practices such as positive reinforcement, task analyses, shaping, acoustical and guidance to create effective training with the capacity to individualize teaching components as needed so that people of all abilities have the opportunity to successfully reach their social and job readiness goals.
How often is this program held and for how long?
This is a 3 month program with weekly classes and mentorship.

Who is the program for?

This is a 3 month program with weekly classes and mentorship.

Peace & Humanity Smoothie Bus

The Peace & Humanity Smoothie Bus is our WELLNESS on WHEELS to provide smoothies to communities impacted by inefficient food systems. The Peace & Humanity Smoothie bus is a collaboration project between Guided By Humanity & The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization. Collectively we serve people and students of all abilities through yoga and tai chi, while providing access to wellness and other resources. Nutrition is an essential part of wellness and in creating this project, we are able to provide those we serve with movement, nutrition, education, and community building.

How often is this program held
and for how long?

90 minutes to 2 hours upon request.

Who are the program for?